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Compulsive Movement Records

DJ Sedatophobia, a Dutch DJ and producer, founded the record label ‘Compulsive Movement Records’ in the end of 2016. The label is registered in the Netherlands, but currently operated from Lebanon.

The label is focused on Deep House,  Tech House and Melodic Techno genres that will get you moving. There is a power in music, like when you start nodding your head without you knowingly doing so. This can even extend to full body movements. Hence the name: ‘Compulsive Movement Records’, tunes to make you move.

So far the label has had several releases charting in the Beatport Top 100 for various genres.

We are always in search of young talent, and welcome everyone who has been supporting us and are willing to cooperate with us. Our goal is to assemble a team of young producers who will grow systematically with the label. Check out the demo policy.

Compulsive Movement Records is operated from and registered at:

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