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7even (GR)

Feeling blessed for doing what he loves most … producing and playing music!!!

Music producer, DJ and electronic music enthusiast alike, 7even (GR) (AKA Yiannis Moschatos) hails out of Athens Greece. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music… aided by over 15 years of dj performances and an upbringing in a very musically influenced home. Having spent many years playing at local bars and clubs, holding multiple residencies, DJing special events and promoting his own shows, 7even (GR) has had a lot of time to develop his sound.

On Compulsive Movement Records he has a barking and excellent remix, but we are looking forward to releasing more of his tracks.

So far his tracks and remixes released on Compulsive Movement Records are:
Cats-n-Dogs EP – DJ Sedatophobia (CMR003)



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