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Pat Baker

Veteran DJ & Producer Pat Baker was Born in the year 1971 and started DJ-ing at a very young age of 13. In his youth he was already mixing music of Giorgio Moroder, Bobby O. & Patrick Cowley in his bedroom. He started mixing with records on his Technics SL 1200’s turntables, at local school parties and youth-clubs. When he heard one of the first house records “love can turn around” from Farley Jackmaster Funk, he was inspired by the sounds of Chicago, the uplifting baselines and kicks.

Pat Baker is known by his enthusiasm of the art of DJ-ing and power sets.

With many national and international gigs in clubs, for instance Camera club Vienna Austria, HYATT Masqat Oman. Played at Dutch festivals like Dreamvillage, Magneet and even 2 times the Liberation festival Wageningen for 14.000 people! Over the years he is seen as a true value for the Dutch DJ scene.

Next to DJ-ing he is a successful producer, with his 2016 release “INNERCITY” he was made it to the beatport charts. In March 2018 a new single “FREAK” will be released on Monotoon recordings and now a remix on Compulsive Movement Records.

So far his tracks and remixes released on Compulsive Movement Records are:
Attack – Decay Remixed (CMR009)


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