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‘Nova Maris’ is the debut album from DJ Sedatophobia, translating as the Latin ‘Fear of Silence’, a tech house product of the Netherlands, currently residing in Lebanon. This 12-track album was recorded over a 7-month period starting in January 2016 with a Mike Monday course, which guides artists to progress and find the inspiration required to finish their projects.

In this album, he bases his melodies on the passion for music of several genres – the drive, the focus, the energy – all combined to unleash creativity and navigate the momentary, fiery, impetuous fervor into the enduring elements of calm and deep. The result is bereft of despondency, embraced with substance, and is both powerful and provocative.

Released on his ‘Compulsive Movement Records’ Label, this album proves his work with Mike Monday on the state of flow to be just that, a journey of an album where the tracks flow into one another with grace. From the intro track ‘Into the Waves’ with its bouncy rolling baseline and Balearic tones, the vibe is carried throughout with powerful chords and diverse melodies. The album feels like one huge journey track split into 12 parts evoking different feelings from the listener.

‘Nova Maris’ is a refreshing take on dance music and is released on 21st December 2016, exclusively on Beatport. It will be available in other stores and streaming services per 4 January 2017.

CMR001 Nova Maris rev 2

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