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Besteck EP – DJ Sedatophobia

Besteck EP is the second release of DJ Sedatophobia on Compulsive Movement Records. It consists of three tracks and one extended remix.

Gabel is a deep and easy going track that could be played at the beginning of a night to get people moving slowly but steadily. The second track Löffel is a track to play a bit further into the night when the dancefloor starts to fill up. It has melody lines that can make you wander off dreaming on the dancefloor. The Extended Big Spoon Mix is just making that journey a longer lasting one. The last track on the EP “Messer” is a track that will get you even further in a trance-like state. All in all, Besteck is an EP suitable to get your night started.

Official release dates are 18 January 2017 (exclusively on Beatport) and 1 February 2017 in other stores and streaming services.

CMR002 Besteck EP

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