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Feel It EP – DJ Sedatophobia

A new release of label boss DJ Sedatophobia on Compulsive Movement Records.

The first track Feel It is the title track of this release. Its catchy and evolving bassline will get you moving and it will be the beginning of a long night dancing. The track is ideal for the start of a evening and the flow will easily evolve in a memorable night.
Believe in Love is a track that would fit the warming up of a night, it slow progression and catchy lines will get you moving slowly but steadily.
Stoked is the last track of this EP and it gives a more pumping and energetic twist to this release. This will definitely get you moving and grooving!

Official release dates are 2 February 2018 (exclusively on Beatport) and 16 February 2018 in other stores and streaming services.


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