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Sustain – Release Remixed – DJ Sedatophobia

Remixes by Darbinyan and Vysotskiy

Sustain – Release Remixed is the second remixed release on Compulsive Movement Records.
Sustain is remixed by Ukrainian based DJ and producer Vysotskiy, bringing us a very atmospheric and laid back remix. This would do very well at the opening of a set with a setting sun over the ocean.
Release was remixed by Armenian DJ and producer Darbinyan. This remix gives a more driving and energetic twist to the EP. Darbinyan uses the hypnotic melody to pull you into this track more and more, definitely a track to be used at the peak of a set. Last track on the EP is a Beatless remix of Release, also provided by Darbinyan. It uses the same hypnotic melody which pulls you in as well and it would be great track to use as an intro.

Once more some tunes that are bound to make you move!

Official release dates are 27 April 2018 (exclusively on Beatport) and 11 May 2018 in other stores and streaming services.

CMR010 Sustain - Release Remixed


Sustain – Release Remixed
DJ Sedatophobia, Pat Baker, DJ GrujA
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