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Skirby is the debut release of Russian producer Vova Skirby. His track Skirby is a driving, catchy and atmospheric track that will get you to move for sure.
The remix by Aemonix has taken the track in a more Tech House direction, keeping the drive and catchiness of the original. MR EFFLIX was so impressed and enthusiastic about the track he even created two remixes. His first take on it, takes Skirby even deeper and he created a slightly darker version of it. The MR EFFLIX Alternative Remix has a more tribal swing to it that would fit the beginning or the closing of a set. Hypnotic and moving are the words that come to mind.
Lastly the remix that DJ Sedatophobia has provided is slower version with a massive bass section. This would be a great track to start a set with.

Once again, tracks that will make you move!


Vova Gridin – Skirby

Vova Gridin, Aemonix, MR EFFLIXDJ Sedatophobia

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