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Individual 1 is the debut release of Trevayne on Compulsive Movement Records. After providing several remixes, he is now out with his own track and remixes by DJ Sedatophobia, Vova Gridin and Fran Trelles.

Individual 1 is an energetic and driving track with catchy trumpets and it will pull you further and further into the track. The Treasonous Remix by Trevayne himself adds a vocal which just amplifies this gravity into the song.
The DJ Sedatophobia Remix took the energy of the original a step further and made a more driving version of the track. Vova Gridin again provided a dreamy and atmospheric version of the original. His take on Individual 1 would fit really well at the beginning of a set. Last remix on the EP is from Fran Trelles. He also created a more downtempo version of the track. This remix as well would do well at the beginning of a set.

Once again tracks to make you move!



Trevayne – Individual 1

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