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Neverland is the first release on Compulsive Movement Records by Dutch producer Joshlane.
With Neverland he provided a catchy and energetic track that will draw you in further throughout the track. Hypnotising and atmospheric throughout the track. Excellent for later in the night or as a closing track.
DJ Sedatophobia provided a remix that is is slightly darker, but keeps the drive and energy. MR EFFLIX again provided a killer remix that will make the dance floors shake! A drive and energy as only he can provide.

Hypnotise is the second track by Joshlane. It starts of a tad slower, but it has a deep and dark edge to it. As the title indicates, the track is hypnotising and enticing.
DJ Sedatophobia remixed Hypnotise and created an unique but equally hypnotising track. Badr Ghilani created a remix that takes up the energy and drive of the original a bit and gives an unique take on the original track.



Joshlane – Neverland

JoshlaneDJ Sedatophobia, MR EFFLIX, Badr Ghilani

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