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GVE – Hidden Street (CMR029)

Hidden Street is the first release of Dutch DJ /Producer GVE. He provided two techno tracks for this EP. Hidden Street is a techno track with some Detroit influences. A very energetic and driving track which will pull you in further and further. Hidden Street got remixed by DJ Sedatophobia, who provided a slower and darker version of the track which would suit at the beginning of a DJ set. Joshlane also delivered a remix of Hidden Street and he took it up a notch and provided a faster, energetic and almost Trance like remix which is more suitable for peak hours.

The second track GVE provided is Essen, a dark and atmospheric track with a distinct bass line. The DJ Sedatophobia remix of Essen is a brighter and slower version of the original. Vova Gridin lastly has created a remix with his distinctive sound, full of raw energy.

Once again, tracks to make you move!


GVE – Hidden Street

GVE JoshlaneDJ SedatophobiaVova Gridin



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