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Simple Line is the catchy and energetic debut release of ViIn Groove.
His track Simple Line is an energetic driving track that has a massive force to get most people moving. It is a track that would fit at the height of a DJ set or even as a closing track, since it will blow of the roof for sure.

MR EFFLIX again provided a remix that takes a down a notch with the tempo, but the driving baseline, energetic percussion and hypnotic piano stabs make it a very effective and still driving track. Also Vova Gridin remixed the track and created a downtempo and almost hypnotic version of the original. Trevayne made his version with deep and driving baselines and percussion elements, using the hypnotic synth lines from the original track.
Last track on the release is the remix made by DJ Sedatophobia. This remix takes the tempo up again and using a percussive drive and some atmospheric synths this became a whole different version of the original.

Once again, tracks to make you move!


ViIn Groove – Simple Line

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