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Experienced DJ and producer Buben has his debut release on Compulsive Movement Records. He has provided a funky and soulful track with jazzy influences. Halftime Show is a catchy track that will drag you in further and further the longer you listen to it. Ideal for the beginning of a DJ Set or during sunset at a beach.

DJ Sedatophobia created a remix that took the tempo and energy up a notch, while mainly making use of the catchy and driving bass-line of the original track. This version would suit a moment further in a DJ set when the crowd is already taken along by the music. Vova Gridin made a remix in his own special way and he created a dreamy and hypnotizing version of the original. Ideal for the start of a set or a closing tune at an event at the beach.

Once more, tracks to make you move!


Buben – Halftime Show

BubenDJ Sedatophobia, Vova Gridin

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