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Vova Gridin – Devil’s Breath (CMR040)

Vova Gridin is back on Compulsive Movement Records. Devil’s Breath is a deep and energetic track that will get you moving for sure. The catchy vocals, melody and drive will make sure you will keep the track in your head for long. Buben provided two remixes of this track. First is a Deep House Remix that introduces a new percussive drive to the original and takes it even deeper. His second remix is a Techno remix, which gives en energetic drive and pump.

Point Nemo is another deep and atmospheric track that will take you along in its dreamy and hypnotising path. DJ Sedatophobia provided a version with a deep and dark baseline to give it a different twist.

Once again, tracks to make you move!



Vova Gridin – Devil’s Breath

Vova Gridin, DJ Sedatophobia, Buben




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